Spam Soap Email Protection

Domain Level Spam & Virus Protection, Email Encryption, and Archiving

Email Protection and Anti-Spam Taken To The Next Level. Protect Your Customers From Data Loss, Server Failures, Spam, Phishing, Viruses, and More!

Spam Soap’s award winning technology cleans your system of more than 99% of spam viruses, worms, and harmful content. Guaranteed. Our team of Threat Center experts continually updates our email defense system to protect against all of the latest threats.

Simple to Set Up

Spam Soap’s hosted services are available with no up-front costs and offer a predictable monthly subscription fee. Costs remain fixed, even as the product value increases. Spam Soap is compatible with all systems and requires no software or hardware to manage install or configure.

Core Filtering

Cleans Away 99.7% Of All Spam, Virus, And Email Attacks.

Built on award-winning technology, Spam Soap Core Filtering is the first and most important step in keeping your message system clean and working.

Simple to connect, Spam Soap’s fully-managed, cloud based, Core Filtering is a comprehensive email security solution that wipes out more than 99% of spam, viruses, worms and harmful content and attachments before they even reach your network.

Core Filtering offers a robust filtering solution with a user-friendly console and affordable pricing. Leveraging a unique and patented multi-layered system of more than 20 separate filters, Core Filtering protects against a wide range of email dangers. Our team of Threat Center experts continually updates our email defense system to help protect against the latest threats.

Outbound Filtering

Outbound filtering brings to bear all the benefits of Spamsoap’s core filtering on your outgoing email. This protects against botnets, viruses, malware, and other malicious software from overtaking client domains and sending massive amounts of spam email.

By protecting outbound email, Spam Soap’s powerful anti-spam filtering can keep your MSP’s domain safe, and off blacklists.

Keep your customer’s safe, and their email running by hedging against risk with Spam Soap’s Outbound filtering.

Message Continuity

Always-On Email Means You Are Always Connected.

Spam Soap Message Continuity is a fully automated recovery service enabling web-based email access, management and use during planned or unplanned outages.

Natural disasters, power failures, and other unexpected events can bring down a business network within seconds – derailing communications, jeopardizing business opportunities, resulting in lost revenue. With Message Continuity you don’t have to sweat the interruption of your most vital business communication tool.

Easy to implement, manage and use, Message Continuity is a scalable, reliable and secure service with no set-up fees. Built on a highly reliable and scalable SaaS platform, Spam Soap Message Continuity can be deployed immediately and requires no upfront hardware or software investment. Message Continuity, together with Core Filtering and Message Archiving, rounds-out a comprehensive solution for all your messaging protection, continuity and retention needs.

Message Archiving

Messages Stored, Organized, And Protected For Up To 7 Years

Spam Soap Message Archiving is one of the industrys safest and most reliable email archiving and retrieval services available today.

Offering a highly sophisticated management system, Spam Soap Message Archiving offers easy storage, retrieval and email monitoring at an affordable price.

Regulatory requirements, court requests for e-discovery, and industry standards are having a profound effect on how businesses manage electronic communications. Failing to adequately store and retrieve emails gets businesses and their officers in hot water every day. As a result, companies can face penalties, fines, and legal consequences such as destruction of evidence charges and adverse judgments. For many, being able to properly monitor, store, and retrieve email messages is now as important as keeping financial records tidy.

Fully integrated with our Core Filtering and Message Continuity services, Message Archiving ensures that you’ll come out clean, regardless of how messy things get.

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Spam Soap Email Filtering

Per User
Per User
Per User
Per User
Package Core Lite
5 to 99 Users
Pro – Bronze
5 to 99 Users
Pro – Silver
100 to 299 Users
Pro – Gold
300+ Users
Inbound Core Filtering Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Message Continuity (60 Days) Not Available Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Outbound Filtering Not Available Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Email Encryption Not Available $1.49 / User $1.49 / User $1.49 / User
Archive Bundles – (Includes All The Above)
1 Year (10 minimum per domain) Not Available $2.99 / User $2.79 / User Call
Multi-Year (10 minimum per domain) Not Available $3.78 / User $3.40 / User Call

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